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Due to Coronavirus, buying online has become an increased necessity for many products. I have used 99.9% pure Aloe Vera Gel for many years and originally bought it from my local Holland & Barrett store. About a year ago, I noticed the packaging had changed, although the assistant assured me the contents were the same. Fortunately I had my reading glasses to hand and after reading the microscopic print on the lower back of the tube, it made clear that this was not the pure bioactive product that I was familiar with.


Eventually, I found two online suppliers of this wonderful product which alternately kept me well stocked — until recently. My latest order arrived in August and although the image online was still indicating the bioactive premium product, on arrival not only was the packaging different, but so too the content which was a cheaper mix of inferior parts of the plant plus added chemicals; however the price remained the same. Ignoring the pleas of the supplier that it was just a change of packaging, I returned the order and sought the verbal attention of my second supplier, making clear that if the Aloe Vera Gel’s packaging had changed and it no longer stated pure 99.9% Bioactive Gel, I didn’t want it. I didn’t receive a response so assumed the worst.


Determined to overcome the impasse, I researched growers and producers of Aloe Vera products in the Canary Isles who had a website where I could read for myself the quality of their products. The copied statement below gave me assurance and confidence that I’d made the right decision; choosing a husband & wife team producing a premium product with honesty and integrity. A supply of their top quality Gel should arrive any day now. Yippee!


'Thank you for choosing our products, you will not regret it, we are sure of it!!! We elaborate our Natural Gel every few weeks with fresh leaves of bio certified local Aloe Barbadensis old plants. As we are small family enterprise, we make small but constant productions. Into a bottle, 99% of the content is the cold pressed fresh pulp, the rest is a 0,5% of an eatable seaplant extract as thicker (Xuntam Gum) and the other 0,5% are preservants OF PLANT ORIGIN (absolutely free from sodium metabisulfite or benzoate, which is rare but very important for a save use of Aloe, especially on delicate skin, gums or for intimate use.'


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