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25 Jul





Beware the ‘Cookie’ Man


Apart from the first introductory Blog, all my subsequent Blogs have been connected with my mindset behind each book I have written. I would now like to uncover other aspects that I have had to deal with as an author and independent publisher. I will begin with a situation that is frustrating beyond belief and is happening to me right now.


There are many benefits to being an independent publisher but as in most things there are downsides and being responsible for all your own promoting is one. As well as having your books available in bookstores, libraries and at live events, an online presence, such as a website linked to social media, is a must. I set up my first website eight years ago — a Mr Site Takeaway Package, which included a free domain and a concise manual enabling me to build and maintain it myself. Four years later, the Mr Site brand became linked to a much bigger hosting site. Yearly subscriptions increased and the hitherto free domain name became chargeable. Then, fast forward to late April 2020, I was suddenly notified that due to its age, all Mr Site websites would be closed down by the end of July. I was offered a much more complex package and informed it would cost £450 for their builders to set it up. Naturally, I was furious at the sudden plight I found myself in.


An acquaintance heard about my plight and offered to help build me a new website. Time was racing on and I agreed. A subdomain was needed to enable me to keep my current site available until the new one was ready. Copies of all my text files and images etc. were made available as I requested a similar layout to what I already had. However, a week later I was presented with a site that was not only unworkable for selling, the moment you clicked onto it, a huge banner proclaiming: to continue viewing this site you must allow cookies, covered the majority of the welcome page. I hate cookies and find them an infringement on a personal website. There are rich pickings to be had for bloggers who use their site for affiliate marketing and advertising. I soon learned that the acquaintance had set up the subdomain for his own ends, linking himself, as a third party to my site, which led me to suspect I was being used. After much aggravation, I have managed to close this new site down. I am now without a website, until and unless I can find a suitable host that will supply a platform where my readers can enjoy visiting without being confronted by Cookie commands.


For Now Contact: margaretsherlock@hotmail.co.uk 

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