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08 Aug



Yes, you’ve guessed! My new website is now live and ready to welcome visitors! With the transfer of my domain www.margaretsherlock.net safely registered. It’a a website designed and built by me and is free of incumbent cookies and affiliated pop-up adverts, (see Blog dated 27/7/20 titIe, Beware The Cookie Man) It’s a website I want my readers to enjoy, to share in the creativity and passion that writing has given me over the last fifteen years. And hopefully to inspire would-be writers to take the plunge. It is also a website where my weekly Blogs will keep my followers informed on upcoming book signings and events I’m taking part in. Please visit and feel free to comment on my new site. I can imagine eyes rolling and heavy sighs from some of you reading this, who understandably, haven’t the slightest interest in websites and the minutiae that powers them. And that’s OK by me. It’s just that the sense of relief having reached my goal, has me caught up on a flush of optimism, wanting to announce to the world, I am back online!


As mentioned in an earlier Blog, to celebrate the launching of my new website, there are Special Offers on books for both adults and children. The Contact Form will allow you direct access to me via phone or email.


To pile on even more positivity, I have been given the go-ahead for my first venue in five months. At the end of August during Bank-Holiday weekend, I will be selling and signing my books at Meadfoot Beach Cafe. I’ll be set up outdoors and obviously adhering to any Coronavirus stipulations. The cafe is situated in a sheltered corner of a fantastic view across the bay. If you are fortunate enough to be visiting Torbay during that weekend, I would love to meet you. I’ll be releasing a poster nearer the time to give date and time.


Hopefully, we are all coming to the end of the darkest tunnel that has beset this country since the second world war — the pandemic of Coronavirus — time now to step boldly back into the glittering light.


                                Visit: www.MargaretSherlock.net


                          Email: margaretsherlock@hotmail.co.uk 

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