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27 Dec

In a few days time we will be entering a new year, all of us hopeful that 2021 will be a vast improvement on 2020. As all authors, artists and craftspeople know, throughout the year events, festivals and markets had been cancelled, leaving selling online the only option. As if the Covid pandemic, with its multiple lockdowns and restrictions weren't bad enough, the Editor on my newly-built website refused to load at the most crucial time of the year — the run up to Christmas. 

For me, writing weekly blogs and informing my readers what was happening regarding Special Offers and dispatching was paramount to securing sales and I apologise most sincerely to all concerned. In an effort to mitigate this inability of normal functioning, I placed a full page ad in a local magazine, The Beach Hut, which I'm happy to announce was a great success. 

A week ago, I made the discovery that the malfunctioning of my website's editor was down to my lack of updating my computer for over an eighteen month period — I hate upgrades, they always seem to create problems like files disappearing and the altering of apps that I'd grown used to, petty insignificances compared to a website that can't be edited.

I have now made a vow to always maintain and upgrade my computer whenever prompted and as my readers have missed out on the run up to Christmas  Special Offers, I am extending the offers until the end of January. 

                              WISHING EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU A HAPPY AND CREATIVE 2021

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