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18 Jul



Four years ago I wrote a personal story for my youngest granddaughter, Tawny, who at the time was six years old. Although very intelligent, Tawny was obsessively attached to a comfort blanket that she insisted on dragging along wherever she went. It was my desire to break this obsession that led me to write, Tears In The Night, a fairytale that conspired to help break Tawny from this unhealthy habit. A gentle, heart-warming tale that elaborates on the links between, fairies, flowers, wildlife and young children. An easy to understand story that shows, one person’s loss can be a great gain to many.                       

At the time, the book — handmade by me and illustrated by free- downloadable images from the internet, was presented to Tawny on her seventh birthday. It was very well received and is still cherished today. This is a stand-alone story and has no connection to my series of Witty Gritty Rhyming Tales. Nevertheless, I feel it could have a wide appeal and with this feeling in mind, I have decided to revisit the files on Tears In The Night, and publish the tale for a wider audience. Maybe in time for Christmas.                       

Over the centuries, many kids’ tales have been given life after observing the antics of children and grandchildren. And just as I believe there is a book in everyone, maybe your first attempt at writing that book could be inspired by your child or your grandchild. Observing and taking note is key to finding the right subject for a given personality. You will know in your heart when that is discovered. So just have a go! Like I originally did, you could make it a one-off gift. Or, with the right story coupled with the right character, you could progress to becoming a well-known children’s author.


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