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22 Aug



In just a few days I will be carrying out my first book event in five months. The event location is Meadfoot Beach Cafe, a beautiful situation with friendly staff serving great food. Naturally, being an August bank holiday the cafe will be busy but Coronavirus implementations will be adhered to. I am really looking forward to interacting once again with my readers and hopefully meeting new ones. The posters are designed and ready to circulate. There will be ‘Special Offers’ similar to those on my website for both adult and children’s books, and there is a bright new array of inexpensive magnetic bookmarks to help keep your signed copies pristine. My table will be set up, as usual, outside near the terrace area where I will be raring to go.


A reminder that my latest children’s book The Witch at Stitch Cottage, has been denied its launch due to the lockdown. Here is my first opportunity to introduce it in person. All my children’s books are any three for the price of two, including the most recent. And remember, they each encourage the reader to write an alternative ending verse. Great fun for all the family!


However, my greatest concern is whether the weather will be kind. As you can imagine, books don’t take kindly to being rained on, nor attacked by ferocious winds — both of which we have recently suffered thanks to the tail end of storm Ellen. All I can do is remain positive, trust in the fact that I reside in the English Riviera, which as a rule at this time of year is hot and sunny, and to promise an update on the weather next weekend if further inclement weather is forecast. Just keep singing, ‘Sun, Sun, Sun, Here It Comes’



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